Friday, January 4, 2008

13 Days away to the " Land of the Gods" Djibouti Trip

Greetings and best wishes for season. This email outlines the complete scope of the Djibouti trip, including symposium agenda, country requirements, airline fees and fundraising info. Please share this info with your colleagues and network.

Vaccination required: Yellow fever and malaria pills – (yellow fever shot cost about $9-118, and malaria pills with a student ID at Brooklyn college cost $10 for 30 pills). Or visit the Embassy of Djibouti at for more info.

Djibouti Visa: Many nationalities need a visa, available for $50. You can contact Mr. Mousa 212-753-3163 to schedule your visa appointment, it a mimimum of 2 days to get the visa.
Airline info/Prices: The AIR PRICE is $1300 - DAALO Airline is ATA Official Symposium Carrier, you can reach them 1866-322-5561 for more info on dates etc.

The Symposium date: is January 19-23rd, however we are planning to leave 2 days prior to the date. If you have any concern of questions please give me call so we re-arrange a different time for you. Many of us are planning to leave between the 15 or 17 of January.

Agenda and Registration Forms: I attached a copy of the programs and the ATA registration form, please review and fax no later then Monday, January 7, before noon.

Fundraising Event: We are planning to have a fundraising event at Saje lounge on January, 12 at 6:00pm. Each one of us are responsible to sell at least 10 tickets or more, the more people that come the better. The price of the tickets are between $25-$30 more info to come at the end of the day.

For more info please visit

Hope to see you all in Djibouti!!


Friday, December 28, 2007

Questions for Djibouti Africa trip participants

Question 1
Facts: the trip date is January 19-23, 2008, also consider the fact that you will be leaving on January 18 at night.

Are you planning to participate at the 2008 Djibouti Africa trip?

Question 2
Facts: the Djiboutian goverment will sponsor room and board, but participants must pay for their own flight.

Do you have a sponsor? if not how much of the flight cost can afford?

Question 3
Facts: the trip is less than three weeks away!

When can you meet with us to share your creative ideas on fundrasing, sponsorship etc..?

Please email comments and answers to


My first trip to the motherland, Africa

I first visited Nigeria, Africa in 2006 while searching for a one stop fit all destinations. Once I travel to Africa, all the stereotype about the continent, especially Nigeria have been purged. The people are warm and friendly, especially with visitor from the US. I was very blessed to visit the world best Abuja Carnival and one Nigeria cleanest city Calabar. I have traveled a few places including the caribbean islands, but so far Calabar, Nigeria have the best tastiest fish around.

The world is meant to be exploring, why stuck in one place? why not starting with the "land of the Gods," Djibouti, my next destination.

Johanne, Brooklyn NY